Free yourself from tightness and pain by regaining the movements you once had.


Old injuries, today’s pain


Pilates to regain your core stability.


Applied Yoga to regain your mobility.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

NKT to regain motor control.

Jaw Joint (TMJ) Therapy

Regain your core from the jaw.

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Tightness and pain are signs of dysfunction. At ReGained Movement we show you which movement you have lost and how you can regain it so that you can live a better quality life.

Say you like playing golf but your shoulder(s) became too painful to enjoy playing, I may find that you are holding your breath when you swing your clubs or your thorax is not rotating adequately which means you overwork your shoulders during each swing.

If you have a dysfunctional movement pattern (or use compensation patterns) and you had treatment and training already (Pilates, Yoga, physiotherapy or movement therapy) but it failed to bring about relief, it is possible that you lack the motor control to restore your movement yourself. NeuroKinetic Therapy is the next option – it helps restore dysfunctional movement.

How can ReGained Movement help?

During your intake, we listen to your history and assess your movement to establish which treatment is most appropriate to retrain your lost movements. Your history of injuries, scars, operations and even low-grade ankle sprains are all essential in understanding where your dysfunctions come from. Once we understand your history you can do any of the following:

  • Join a group Pilates session to help strengthen your core
  • Join a group Yoga session to help identify those small movements that are essential building blocks to perform even the most basic yoga poses
  • Choose instead a 1:1 session that may combine Pilates, Yoga, and NeuroKinetic Therapy, if you are already a skilled mover, to regain your lost movements.

Whichever dysfunction we find, we will treat and, from a short video, you mimic the movements at home in order to maintain your newfound movement patterns.

Sometimes tightness and pain resolve as a result of performing movements (i.e. Pilates or Yoga) but if it doesn’t, you likely miss the motor control to perform that movement, no matter how many reps you perform. A NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) session can access and change the faulty movement pattern in the motor control center of the brain and restore the lost movement.

What is NKT and how can it help?

  • NKT is a revolutionary muscle testing protocol during which we can establish a pair of muscles or structures that withhold each other from functioning properly. One is the inhibited structure and the other the overworking structure.
  • We treat your dysfunction(s) in the office and you mimic this treatment at home until the new movement is established.
  • It normally takes 6-8 sessions to sort out a minor issue but it can take as little as 5 minutes to sort out others and some may never fully resolve. For some issues, we can refer you out to the appropriate professional.
  • It will be arrogance if we think we can fix you. The body heals itself and without effort on your side, you will forever be dependent on someone keeping you ‘in place’ until you fall apart again. Your commitment to the process is thus essential and fortnightly visits, at a minimum, are key to success.

ReGain Your Movement

Free yourself from tightness and pain by regaining the movements you once had.


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Pilates to build your core. Yoga to find your movement dysfunctions. NeuroKinetic Therapy to revive your inhibited muscles. You and your body making the change permanent.

Pilates, Yoga and NeuroKinetic Therapy