About Regained Movement

ReGained Movement is the result of a decade long search for information to understand and treat my own musculoskeletal pain. It is a passion that I simply stumbled across. Anatomy and movement became even more interesting just as I started getting bored of teaching Pilates. Now Pilates and Yoga have a whole new meaning and I look at movement in a complete different light. NeuroKinetic Therapy was the missing link. It enables me to restore movement that people no longer had access to no matter how often you ask them to try again.

I have always dreamed of working for myself and, in the late 90s, I returned to university to do a Masters in Business Administration but the business idea just didn’t materialise. I knew I needed something I felt passionate about to sustain energy I needed to build up my own business.

After my MBA I chose a career as management consultant for a small Dutch firm. Here I was able to live out my entrepreneurial spirit in setting up customer facing processes in the .com era in The Netherlands. When 9/11 put a stop to our projects I decided, last-minute, to join my husband for a management exchange program in Utah where I played hours of golf, 5 days a week, for a full six months, non-stop. I did not realise, until only the past year, that I was practically wearing away the cartilage in my shoulders due to limited movement in my spine.

We moved to the UK with our two small boys at the end of 2006 and I developed shoulder mobility problems on top of undiagnosed issues with my lower back and knees. My chiropractor instructed me to start Pilates and to my astonishment all my troubles disappeared. I simply had to study Pilates and it became the content of the business I run today.

I became bored with Pilates after a few years. I was losing my passion when I realised that, as well as I, my cliens’ pain returned whenever we stopped Pilates for the holidays. I searched for the solution in more low back and exercise referral training, massage therapy, yoga, anatomy and fascia training until I found NeuroKinetic Therapy and movement-based anatomy training via Immaculate Dissection.

Then the pieces of the puzzle fell in place for me – Pilates to restore your core, Applied Yoga to teach the movement building blocks of Yoga poses and NKT to restore those movements my clients’ have lost and no longer have access to, known as lacking motor control.


Pilates to regain your core stability.


Applied Yoga to regain your mobility.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

NKT to regain motor control.

Jaw Joint (TMJ) Therapy

Regain your core from the jaw.

ReGain Your Movement

Free yourself from tightness and pain by regaining the movements you once had.


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Pilates to build your core. Yoga to find your movement dysfunctions. NeuroKinetic Therapy to revive your inhibited muscles. You and your body making the change permanent.

Pilates, Yoga and NeuroKinetic Therapy